CCIE Collab

CCIE Collab理论学习约13天(6小时/天)

IPTv1 5天,IPTv2 2天,APPS 4天,UCCX 2天


  1. . CCNA RS
  2. .CCNA Collab (Watch INE Video or others, 1 weeks)
  3. .Option CCNP Collab (Watch INE Video or others, 2 weeks-8weeks)
  4. .Option Finish IPX/360/INE Collab Workbook (4weeks -12weeks)



  1. CCIE Collab LAB学习约45
  2. Lab Collab LAB3版本: 目前只有一套。


No. Content Cycle Date Schedule option1 Schedule option 2
1 LAB3-Phase1 Phone Register and CME 1.5 weeks   *No less than 6 hours everyday
*Local Support (only Daytime of UTC-8)
*Remote Control Phone and all rack
*Finish all, Tutor check and give a mail about details score.
*Total 8 weeks Dedicate Rack and Unlimited Time.
* 1 V 1 support.(1对1服务支持)
2 LAB3-Phase2 CUCM 2 weeks  
3 LAB3-Phase3 Apps and TS 1 weeks  
4 LAB3-Totals 2 weeks  
5       12800RMB 20000RMB


  1. CCIE Collab通过率95%以上